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To Kimchi, with love

There are a lot of things I want to do with your prompts. At first, I would’ve done all of them, but that would take me a long time. I took your first option: handcuffs. But I like option number three. And six. I’ve always wanted to draw a scene between businessman!Cain coming up to frontliner!Yvette and frontliner!Yvette asking him if he has to declare anything and Cain replies a ridiculously cheesy pick-up line. IT’S RIDICULOUSLY ROM-COM-ISH BUT I CAN’T HELP IT. D:

So I did this instead. This way, I get to put my journalism education to a very good use. (Shameshameshameonme.) And it’s very embarrassing to write a pseudo-fanfic of my own manga. I won’t be surprised if you condemn me after this ;_;

It doesn’t have a title. It will never have a title.

Also, sorry in advance for my trigger-happy attitude for image filters. Filters make my art socially acceptable.

Excuse me while I go slit my wrist.

So it’s a good day for Yvette.

For one, it’s a perfectly sunny day. For another, her training is going well as far as she knows, and Mom isn’t piling on her stacks of training schedules, and that’s a very good thing indeed.

And since it’s a good day, Yvette decides to reward herself something good. Like a caramel macchiato from the open cafe. Yes, that’s a good plan, that’s a great plan. And so caramel macchiato it is.

The open cafe of the school is sparse with customers, considering it’s already past recess. Another point for Yvette.

Just as she’s about to order, she stops, looks on her right, and gawks.

Immediately she grabs a newspaper copy from the counter and stares at the glaring headline, typed in bold letters:


Yvette’s left eye twitches.

Accompanied by the headline is a scandalous picture of her and – lo and behold! – Cain-that-damn-bastard Sforza in a scandalous position. A lot of things are swimming and drowning in Yvette’s mind right then, which include, listed in numbers:

1. What is this travesty.
2. Why is the school paper’s headline about that damn bastard. Are there any other better news than this one?
3. Where the hell did they get that picture?
4. God dammit, that picture.
5. Seriously, what the hell?

Still disbelieving at the turn of events, Yvette soldiers on, proceeding to read the article:

Golden Prince handcuffed with another woman
By Heidi Moore

PHOTO: Cain Sforza and Yvette Sinclair at the hallway of the third level of Rowan Academy building, handcuffed. Sforza seemed to be pulling her to him, allegedly saying, "This is such a bold move from you, Yvette, and I think I like it." (Photo credit: Anonymous)

Cain Sforza, 17, senior student of Class 4-A and Rowan Academy’s “Golden Prince”, was seen Tuesday handcuffed with his classmate, Yvette Sinclair, 16.

It is unknown how and when exactly they were handcuffed at that time.

Some witnesses said that on that day, Sforza came to school free from any links, but during recess, he emerged from the classroom already bound to Sinclair, who was thrashing and screaming the whole time.

Because of what happened, the entire school building erupted into chaos.

Female students, who also happened to be members of the Golden Prince Fan Club, exploded like the coming apocalypse. Luckily, the school did not suddenly announce a lockout.

Meanwhile, the rest of the students were caught in the blaze, and a few casualties had been counted, though the injuries were not severe.

In an interesting display of authority, the student council froze the commotion via ice magic and sent Sforza and Sinclair to the student council office, where they were protected from rabid fangirls.

“I find it very intriguing that the students would react with such passion,” said Student Council President Lawrence Glenn.

Other students, however, had something else to say.

“Who does she think she is,” cried Christina Walters, junior student of Class 3-B and the current spokesperson of the Golden Prince Fan Club, “putting handcuffs on Prince Cain so she could have him for herself?!”

It is important to note that nobody knew who handcuffed the two students, so the culprit may still be at large.

When approached to ask for her side of the story, Sinclair just glared, enunciated an emphatic expletive, and stomped away.

Sforza, as always, is unavailable for interview.

The good thing to come out of this disorder, according to Glenn, is the quick action and camaraderie between the student council. He also added that variety is the spice of life.

“I really love this school,” Glenn said.

Cain Sforza is the most popular student in Rowan Academy and is at present the third in the school’s combat rankings. He is dubbed as Rowan Academy’s Golden Prince for his strength and talent, and is a Quickening prodigy. He has a fan club called the Golden Prince Fan Club, consisting of eighty percent of the female student population.

Slowly, Yvette lowers the paper, eyes trained at the air, unseeing. This is not fair. This is so unfair. And the day started out so good …

It’s all that bastard’s fault. Damn him.

Yvette glances around her, decides that there are no witnesses (save for the barista, but he doesn’t count), and promptly takes all the copies.

Later, the people in Rowan Academy would wonder where all the copies of today’s Quicksilver had gone to, and why the fire alarm suddenly went off. It would be a mystery unsolved for aeons to come.

So! Three things in canon: yes, Cain has a fan club, of course; yes, he is called the Golden Prince; and yes, Quicksilver is the name of the school paper.

I hope you like this, Kimchi. I had fun cooking up with such a story, despite my earlier statements of woe and embarrassment.


2 responses to “To Kimchi, with love

  1. Kimchi 3 December 2011 at 3:17 AM

    I could not have hoped for more!!! ❤
    /will forever look at this every day

    I mean seriously, I had no idea what you were going to do BUT IT DIDN'T KNOW IT WOULD TURN OUT SO PERFECT. It's like you smashed most of my requests together into one story! Cain is such a crafty fox and LOL at Heidi, Tony, and Aimiff- I wish I had friends who would be my partners in crime! xD
    Also, th-that photo. It's like I'm in C/Y paradise or something. *A* Cain is a handsome stud and blushing Yvette is so adorable. _>
    Of course the Golden Prince has a fanclub. Of course. Why did I ever expect any less?
    Also, Quicksilver is an AWESOME name for a school newspaper. Quickening, Quicksilver…Your naming ability makes me envious. >:1 I mean, I guess I just love the broad universe of Quickening in general.
    I laughed when Yvette stole all the papers hahaha. It’s too bad she burned them, otherwise I would have taken one for myself hoho. Though the crucial evidence still exists in Aimiff’s camera… 8D

    WHY ARE YOU EMBARRASSED ABOUT THIS. No. I will not allow this. I will never condemn you [unless you stop drawing, that is.] YOU SHOULD TOTALLY DO OPTION #6 SOMETIME, I WILL BE PLEASED IF YOU DO. I can’t help but wonder what sort of hellish pick-up line Cain will bombard poor Yvette with. xD; The sad thing is, he can probably pull it off even if it is the cheesiest thing in the world. Because Cain is Cain. And he has shoujo bubbles.

    Th-thank you so much for doing this! It looks like you put a lot of effort into it, thanks for pleasing an insignificant fan like me. ;_; I will always love all of your stuff! <333

    • archiloquy 4 December 2011 at 8:05 AM


      In my mind, Cain may be a socially awkward and naive person, but he can be more underhanded than anyone in the school. LOL THAT WOULD BE AWESOME. Having partners-in-crime will make our lives more exciting. Unfortunately, my classmates and I just troll each other every class meeting.

      Cain’s handsomeness increases exponentially when things go the way he wants ROFLCOPTER. Also! The thing was, after what happened in that photo, Yvette, realising that Cain was VERY VERY SUPREMELY EXAGGERATEDLY CLOSE to her, suddenly blew a short fuse and tried to get away but ALAS! THAT BLASTED HANDCUFFS! Cain’s just calmly and suavely relishing the moment, really.

      The fan club was formed the moment wee lil first-year Cain entered Rowan’s premises. Female freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors alike were all smitten with him. It was love at first sight. But the name back then wasn’t “Golden Prince Fan Club”, it was “Adorable Prince Cain Sforza Fan Club” until Rowan gave him the nickname Golden Prince (and, besides, Golden Prince was shorter and easier to read/write/say).

      I suck at naming what are you talking about D: I only chose Quicksilver because QUICKening and QUICKsilver … ORZ I IS LE SUCK. … Though Quicksilver’s meaning kind of describes the paper, sometimes lol

      I am tempted to do a pdf file of one issue of Quicksilver, just for kicks, haha. One day, probably. [thinks of all the news and feature articles she has to write and the page layout and the images …] ONE DAY.

      I WILL NEVER STOP DRAWING (unless it’s exams/thesis, that is). YES. YES I WILL. SOMETIME. THE PICK-UP LINE WILL BE CLICHE AND CHEESY, BUT IT WILL BE GLORIOUS. Also I always wanted to draw C/Y (or the main four, just not to be obvious about it) in pilot and flight attendant uniforms because that’s what I see always in the workplace AND I HAVE A SEVERE WEAKNESS OF SUITS/UNIFORMS LIKE YOU CAN’T BELIEVE. D:

      You are not insignificant! D: You will never be insignificant! It is I who should be grateful because people like you read and like my stuff even if they’re not exactly the best stuff put out there in the big, wide world. Thank you so much ♥♥♥♥♥

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