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This is an experiment; make of that what you will

The beginning and the end originally have the recipient and the sender respectively, but I took them out (as well as the names in the poem itself) because it won’t make sense, anyway. This is just an emulation of a potential character, but nothing is set in stone.

It’s been a while since I’ve written poetry, and I am ashamed to admit that I kind of like my works better during 2008-2009, when I was still full of purple prose. God, I miss reading/writing poetry, back when I still had the time in the world. 😦

Do you remember the words that graced your lips
Upon meeting me for the first time?
It was summer, and the sun was high with its pride,
Brazen in its colossal radiance.

You had asked me if I had lived my whole life
At the edge of a sword, and I had said yes,
And there was a strange light that leapt through your eyes,
And I had wondered, after you left, if the myth you bore
On your chest was a testament to your oath.

I had not realised that you were my oath back then.

You were a quiet girl, shy in your bearings and acquiescent
In our demands. But every now and then when I had not been
Looking, you acquire a certain bravado in your tilting voice
And I would suddenly remember the reason I had chosen to serve you.

Were we friends back then?

There was a certain appeal in the way you gaze at the horizon.

I did not love you. There was no romance in our journey.
You were the cursed princess and I was the only knight
Qualified to accompany you to your salvation.
I was merely an envoy.

In the land of our departure, the moon had always been
Full, imperious in her order.

Your name means sovereign. You ruled your subjects.
You oversee your domain. Had I been a part of your responsibility
I would have seen the uncertainty in your brow,
The lingering hesitation in your hands.

Did you think your curse had impaired you?

We were not definite characters in a novel. The temporality
Of our stories preceded the main plot. We were merely
Backstories, catalysts of climax in the future.

You had asked me, after I was exhausted and dirty
And terrified for your life, if I would still come with you
To your – our – destination, I wanted to yell at you, at your stupidity,
At your foolishness, You’ve died, and you’re still
Thinking about my job?

Taking care of you was more onerous than being a knight.

I wanted to leave you, wanted to return to the castle walls
And fight from there. But the smile you let slip shone through
The dark, brumous forest, and I found that I had not been lost, all along.

Since then the air had upended and became thick
With something inexplicable.

When we had reached the end of our journey, our bodies had exhausted
All their energies and fatigue washed over us, and all we could think was,
It’s over.

But was it really over?

A question: for all those times you woke in the middle of the night,
Wracking with sobs from the phantom of a nightmare,
Was it your hand I felt reaching out to mine?

A confession: I wanted to hold your hand and never let go.

And never let go, because the enormity of your curse had already
Started to engulf you, black smoke slithering around you,
Licking at your skin, poisonous flames.


If all the gods in the universe could hear my voice,
I wanted to ask for another chance, for another day,
Just so I could hear her voice, see her smile. Feel her breath
On my skin, the manifesto of her existence.

A memory: you were most beautiful with your stardust sighs,
That eternal moment, as we unfold ourselves to each other,
Under the gaze of the gods, under the gaze of the skies.

You are the only person worth breathing for,
And if the world had been cruel to you in
Your last moments of your breath, my sin,
For you I will stop breathing.

… I should stop procrastinating and do my report instead. >.>


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