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Quickening 101 with D.

This is a slightly-more-detailed-but-still-brief version on the basics of Quickening, in numerical format. I’ve written this a long time ago and never had the time to expound on it. But they’re informative enough that I can make do without further explication. Unless I want to be scholarly about it, in which case I will approach it like a grad student writing a thesis 😐

  1. Quickening is the solid form of a person’s soul energy. Every person has Quickening, though it requires strength of body and mind to manifest his/her Quickening.
  2. Those who can summon – i.e., manifest – Quickening are called Roden-quicken, or simply Roden.
  3. Quickening manifests usually at the age of six (6). But formal training of Quickening combat is ideal when the child reaches at least the age of ten (10), since the form (size) of Quickening does not change.
  4. Only the people in the country of Alisier possess Quickening.
  5. A Quickening’s form is a weapon, and only a weapon. (No giant hammers, no giant anchors, no fairy wings, etc. No Improbable Weapons here. For reference, I use this list for choosing weapons.) But since Quickening is also rooted in magic, staves, rods, wands, and sceptres do count as weapons.
  6. The kind of weapon a Roden will have for his/her Quickening is, technically, arbitrary. No Roden can choose what type of weapon he/she will have. Interestingly, there have been a few occurrences where an entire clan possesses the same type of Quickening, so the type of Quickening weapon a Roden has may also be hereditary.
  7. A person who can manifest Quickening gains greater physical capabilities compared with an ordinary person.
  8. Since Quickening is also based on magic, there are four (4) types of Quickening magic:
    a. Physical Magic. The most common type of magic; it is merely an amplification of physical power.
    b. Elemental Magic. The Quickening produces elemental attacks. Some elemental types have only one element, others, two or three. The most number an elemental type can possess is four. The number of an elemental type Quickening depends on the Roden. Most of the time, it is randomly distributed. The elements are:
    i. Fire
    ii. Water
    iii. Wind
    iv. Earth
    v. Ice
    vi. Lightning/Electric
    vii. Flora
    c. Pure Magic. Non-physical and non-elemental magic. Magic mostly takes form with what the Roden desires. Usually they are illusions and energy waves. Sceptres, staves, wands, and rods are the only weapons that are exclusive to this kind of magic.
    d. Curative Magic. Originally a type of Pure Magic, but merits its own type. This is the only type of magic that heals, though it is also capable of inflicting status ailments to the target (sleep, paralysis, poison, etc.).
  9. Every Quickening has a unique name and design; no two Quickenings are alike, even if they’re the same type of weapon. The name is always written somewhere on the weapon, in the ancient Alisier language. The Roden may not recognise the language, but on a subconscious level, the Roden is aware of the Quickening’s name. (To the curious, the ancient language is written in Baybayin. Information on how to read and write Baybayin can be found here.)
  10. Over time, Quickening evolves into stronger forms. There are four (4) tiers in Quickening evolution:
    1st tier. Basic form, basic attacks, no definite techniques.
    2nd tier. Stronger attacks. Here the combat specialty emerges, complementary to the Roden’s character. The evolution from first-tier to second-tier Quickening is a natural progression, occurring at a Roden’s late teens.
    3rd tier. Once a Roden has the mastery of his/her second-tier Quickening, it can evolve into this level. The third-tier is also called the ‘pseudo-final tier’ because those who aspire to evolve their Quickening into the highest form can only reach until here.
    Final tier. The strongest of all tiers. Only a few had managed to evolve their Quickening into the final tier. Evolving a Quickening to the final tier is a difficult, near-impossible task, because of the extreme requirements involved. A Roden with a final-tier Quickening is an unstoppable force, and is now considered by people as a demi-god; chosen one of Ascertos.
  11. As a Quickening evolves, its design becomes more detailed and ornate. The type of weapon will not change, though.
  12. When manifesting Quickening, tendrils of smoke form around the weapon to announce its presence. As Quickening evolves to higher tiers, this smoke decreases, until it is no longer present in the final tier.
  13. A Quickening is a physical form of a person’s soul energy, but no matter how big or heavy a weapon may seem to be, to the Roden it doesn’t weigh much at all. Of course, it’s another story to the target.
  14. Nobody can ‘steal’ someone’s Quickening, as it will only disperse like a smoke when somebody else is holding the Quickening.
  15. A Quickening weapon is superior to a man-made weapon.
  16. Sometimes, just like how reflex works, a Quickening can act as an automatic shield when the Roden is attacked unaware. This occurrence depends on the Roden’s level of reflex.
  17. Resolve.
  18. Quickening Origin & History.
So far, that’s it. I did not include other points (particularly about #17 and #18, because they are still not relevant to the current arc). Also, I might change some details depending on the progression of the actual story, but I’m hoping it won’t happen, as I hate to do some retconning. If you have questions, address it here.

2 responses to “Quickening 101 with D.

  1. ponytaorponyboy 11 May 2012 at 11:10 PM

    *likes* OMG THis is very nice πŸ˜€
    Nicely written and all, very clear (for now) One day, I’ll come back here, reread it and ask so many questions you’ll be annoyed at me (I’ll apologize in advance)
    It still makes me wonder what Quickening Yvette’s is… among other characters xD

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