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“In the world of Nazala, there is a place favoured by the god Ascertos. Ascertos was so fond of this land and its people that He gave them a gift. This gift grants a person the power to summon a weapon through soul energy. This power is called Quickening.”

I. Quickening

Quickening is the ability to give physical form of a person’s soul energy. This physical form is always a weapon. Those who can manifest Quickening are called Roden-quickens. A Roden-quicken – or simply Roden – is physically and mentally stronger than someone who is not a Roden. Rodens can perform certain actions with ease compared with non-Rodens.

Quickening is, basically, magic drawn from the soul. There are four types of magic, namely:

  • Physical Magic
  • Elemental Magic
  • Pure Magic
  • Curative Magic

Every Quickening has a unique name and design. No two Quickenings are alike, even if they’re the same type of weapon. The name is always written somewhere on the weapon, in ancient language. The Roden may not recognize and be able to read the language, but on an unconscious level, the Roden knows the name of his/her Quickening.

A Quickening has four tiers. As a Roden grows stronger, his/her Quickening evolves into a higher tier. There are, however, special requirements for evolving a Quickening.

II. Nazala

Nazala is the world governed by the god Ascertos. It has four continents. In the continent of Claresach is Alisier, the country where Quickening exists.

Nazala is a monotheistic world. They worship Ascertos, their god, the only god in the world. This creates a slight conflict between Alisier and the rest of the countries. People in Alisier believe that Ascertos highly favoured them since He gave them Quickening; while those who are not in Alisier believe that Quickening is rebellion against Ascertos. As a result, Alisier has little to no interaction with the rest of the world.

Here is an outdated map of Alisier.

III. Culture and Society

IV. History

According to the legend, Quickening came around 800 years ago. Just as Quickening appeared, the ancient civilization ceased to exist, destroying everything in the country. It is said that there were four individuals who gave their lives to stop the destruction. Now, they are regarded as heroes and are called The Original Roden-quickens. Every year, people in Alisier celebrate the victory of these four heroes.

V. Rowan Academy

Rowan Academy is a secondary-level school that teaches students how to harness the power of Quickening, among other things. It is, primarily, a specialized school for Quickening.

The school was built approximately 140 years ago. It is known for its unorthodox teaching of the art of Quickening and its lesser regard for academics. Rowan greatly prioritizes Quickening, and, as such, Quickening-related standards are higher than most schools in the country.

Admission in Rowan is an attrition: there is a limit to the number of students who can enroll and, thus, the competition is intense. Rowan can only accept 200 freshmen a year. Each section consists of 40 students.

Education in Rowan is unorthodox in its execution, particularly in Quickening classes, and the students are divided in whether that’s a good thing or not, but the experience is undeniably extraordinary.

Rowan Academy boasts of awesome facilities every student needs, as well as recreation so the students will be able to enjoy their education in the school. Despite the slightly Spartan method of teaching in Rowan, it also caters to the students’ demands. Rowan has a student council and head prefect to handle the students and their concerns. The school also allows non-mandated organisations for those with particular interests (e.g., music club, sports club, etc.).


Here are the floor plans of Rowan Academy.

Uniform regulations in Rowan are lenient, so a lot of students customise their uniforms. The senior-year top section, student council, and the head prefect, though, are expected to wear proper uniform to serve as role models for the rest of the students.

Classes are done during weekdays (i.e., Monday to Friday), and starts at 8 AM. There are five academic subjects consistent throughout the secondary-level years (Mathematics, Science, Language, Social Science, and Technology), and the rest are Quickening-related (Quickening and Combat Practice).

Schedules of classes are different in Rowan. Every Friday the class is dedicated to practical sessions in combat and Quickening, unlike other schools, which allots half-day classes every Saturday. This is for the first- to third-years, however. In the fourth year, the practical sessions occur on Thursdays and Fridays, with regular classes on Mondays till Wednesdays. Also, fourth-year schedules are slightly different in that combat sessions are removed during regular classes and replaced by a test-of-strength-like course called Survival Game.

Here is the schedule of senior students for the current academic year.

Motto: Justice
Vision and Mission:


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